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13-Aug-2016 08:31

Whether on TV or in the hallways of your own high school, it might seem like everyone's in a lip-lock from freshman to senior year.And if you've yet to experience your first kiss, you may feel like you have a scarlet "K" branded onto your forehead.

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If teen movies have anything to say on the matter, it's that having never been kissed is just about the worst fate that can befall a person of high-school age.If the right person comes along, yeah, maybe I’ll make a move, but so far I haven’t met that person. "The single life can be a wonderful thing, especially when you're young.You have plenty of time to focus on your own interests and spend time by yourself, and you also have the opportunity to cultivate strong, lasting friendships that will likely follow you through your life.A sloppy experience with a stranger or acquaintance certainly isn't going to be a magical moment -- and when you have that awesome first kiss with someone you really like (whenever that may be), you'll be glad you held out for the real deal.

If you feel self-conscious about never being kissed, there's a good chance it stems from the fact that you assume everyone else has been, and therefore that there must be something wrong with you. In fact, a lot of people go through all of high school and sometimes college before they find the right person.Of course, there's nothing wrong with being in a relationship -- but it's important to remember that not having someone doesn't mean there's something missing in your life.

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