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The plant appreciates extra water if it’s in a dry site. (lady fern) This fern grew naturally from spores at my old garden, between the cracks of my patio.

It is a very lush medium sized fern that can be divided easily when it gets larger.

There are still more photos to be added and comments to expand.

(northern maidenhair fern) This beautiful fern has a delicate appearance with its thin black stalks and its airy looking foliage, but it is hardy.

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It only blooms for about 2 to 3 weeks, but the foliage looks good until fall. It grows well in medium shade, but shorter with few flowers in deep shade.This is an alphabetized list, with pictures and information, of the perennials and shrubs I grow in zone 3.All of these plants have made it through a number of winters in Edmonton, Alberta.It will spread outward, but is not rampant or invasive. ‘Jack Frost’ (Siberian bugloss) This is a fantastic foliage plant.

It looks great in the shade under trees and contrasts nicely with broad leafed plants.

(goat’s beard) This tall perennial has an almost shrub like appearance in summer.

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