Not girlfriend but dating

01-Mar-2015 05:09

It's obvious that you're an important part of his life, or otherwise he'd be out with his drinking buddies instead of holding you in his arms every night.

First of all, don't get overemotional about it yet.

Author, Online Dating and Netiquette Expert, CEO of Cyber-Dating Expert, Media Personality, and Author of the Bestseller, "The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online." Still, dating labels for relationships mean more to a woman than they do to a man.

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Ask him if it's a good time to talk about something that's on your mind.If he cares about you, he'll know there's something wrong and will want to fix it.Instead he'll call you his friend in public, or will tell his friends that he's been hanging out with you, even when he knows and shows you that his feelings are deeper for you.To a guy, the label of girlfriend makes him think of additional responsibilities, which may include financial, legal, or even taking the walk down the aisle, which he isn't just ready for yet.

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Acknowledge both your feelings about the label and his.

Chances are, he won't even realize there's anything wrong with your relationship.