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What can online matchmaking sites teach us about the marketplace?

When an economist turned to the Internet to find a date, he found that searching for a life partner isn’t much different from other kinds of shopping. CR: We don’t have that much information about the successful couples we’ve created, but there are a few that come back.

(runs ) November 12, 2016 — Understanding ISIS; The War Reporter A leading international expert on terrorism, Loretta Napoleoni, tells us what she's learned about ISIS and their battlegrounds in the Middle East.

Also, retired war reporter Martin Fletcher discusses his novel about what might have happened differently in Bosnia in the 1990s.

Hear how the Inuit of Canada and Greenland are responding to modern challenges posed by changes to the Arctic environment.Then we delve into the pre-Columbian world of the Incas, and ponder what untold stories the Andes Mountains may still hold.Get notified about upcoming topics and recording sessions!(We will not share your email address with anyone.) Attention radio programmers: Visit the Radio Programmers' station support section for program downloads and other station support information.

Plus, we consider the impact of recent growth in the global travel industry, wherein a billion people a year now cross international borders in search of something new.More with Elizabeth Becker - Rick and Elizabeth Becker, author of "Overbooked: The Exploding Business of Tourism and Travel," talk with listener Eric from Minneapolis about the advantages and disadvantages of using sharing accommodations, such as Air Bn B, and why its popularity with millennial-aged travelers is a double-edged sword.