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We showed up just 30 minutes before our Air Tahiti flight, which was more than enough time to check in. They fly an ATR 42-500 that holds 50 passengers, not some little puddle jumper fortunately.

Since Air Tahiti only offers open seating, I asked the flight attendant which side offered the best views.

So instead, we took the 35-minute boat transfer back to the Raiatea airport.

Although it meant our trip would be 10 times longer, it was still pleasurable.

This should alleviate complaints about closing Johnny Jet. We left off last week from the secluded island of Taha'a.

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Just click the "x"(close) in each picture to get back to the newsletter. but unfortunately, I had to leave some time and get back to reality.

BORA BORA I had the chance to either stay at a standard (read: affordable) resort or get an inside peek at where the rich and famous will be vacationing from now on -- at the brand new Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora.

Of course, I jumped at the chance to check it out for myself and report on it.

I realize that this resort may not fall within the limits of many peoples budgets but its always great to daydream or plan for a special getaway. I came to Bora Bora five years ago just for the afternoon to do a shark and ray feeding tour.

The left-hand side won again, just like when we came in from Moorea.Unfortunately, the plane windows were dirty and the seats were really tight but for a 14-minute flight, who's complaining?