Nwn2 updating journal after encounter

16-Jul-2016 00:07

The database will consist of a considerably larger choice of "props", than the toolset currently offers.

The range of categories will encompass ALL aspects from buildings to Skyrings, From weapons to NPC's(when animations are figured out they will be ready, but can be used for statues, cave carvings etc.) The models will cover all areas from Fantasy to WW2 tanks, Ships, Aircraft(for you really "Wild" modders haha) Cateloging, and texturing and porting over to in-game testing is being done now.. For all modders to have a place to get prop models for NWN2.

Currently there are over 200GIG's of models to get "prepared".

The team will grow and include more modeller so as to build new request content.

Of course the programmers didn't just forget how to do them, but it wasn't like we could just take what we created and put it in NWN2. Evil clerics can spontaneously convert their cleric spells to inflict spells of the same level. They can still be hard to find, but here's an easy one: go down the well in Ember and look around.

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Neverwinter Nights 2 is going to be released in Singapore on Nov. Vinniemc has announced a new project for Neverwinter Nights 2 Models that will become a new section on the site.

10th and Atari is holding a special launch session where you can play the game for free as well as win prizes! He has over 200GIG of models in many categories that are being fine tuned for NWN2 and while we originally were planning on putting all models into the currently model section, it made more sense to open up a new one. This is to announce the formation of a group of modellers who will be dedicating their time and effort to building a vast database of new custom models.