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The arrival of immigrants from Asian countries like China and India is a relatively recent phenomenon, having begun after the Second World War when people arrived in New Zealand in search of better economic opportunities.

Besides being the political capital of New Zealand, Wellington is also home to several important cultural and artistic institutions.

All these factors make social life in Wellington one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling in the country.

Next came the Europeans in the eighteenth century and New Zealand became part of the British colonial empire.

A significant feature of this phase of European immigration was the huge, structured inflow of people from Great Britain and Ireland.

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The demographic distribution of Wellington City shows that the majority of the population, 70.2%, is of European origin while Asian-origin people make up the second largest ethnic group at 13%.

People of Maori origin comprise around 7.8% of the city’s population while those from Pacific Islands make up 5.2%.