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28-Mar-2016 19:29

But, question is, can Facebook really take on Gmail in just one shot?

Tit-Bit: Out of curiosity I hit the URL I was presented with Microsoft Outlook Web-access!!

The list will be updated regularly, with the IE team removing sites that have become compatible with IE 8's standards-mode default and adding new, problematic ones that are mentioned frequently by testers and customers, according to company officials.

One big advantage Facebook has is, it has millions of users across the world already to use it’s new product.

I remember reading somewhere that Facebook might enable email to all the current users by default and make them use it.

And more importantly we all have our years old emails already with Gmail.

I’m damn sure Facebook would come up with tools to migrate all your emails.

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Well, there’s already enough hype which will make every current user to at least try once!

But, when we look at Gmail, it’s been around from years and is a very matured platform now. Gmail has seamless integration with Android which is taking over the mobile OS market share.

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