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Some of the lanes, in particular have become particularly notable for their acclaimed urban art.The city has several festivals which celebrate the laneways, they are major tourist attractions and frequently feature in tourism promotions, film and television.Melbourne's numerous shopping arcades reached a peak of popularity in the late Victorian era and the interwar years.Among the most notable include Block Place and Royal Arcade.ACDC Lane is a short, narrow laneway, running south from Flinders Lane between Exhibition Street and Russell Street.The street was formerly called Corporation Lane, but was renamed on 1 October 2004 as a tribute to Australian rock band AC/DC.

Among the most notable are Centre Place and Degraves Lane.The Melbourne City Council's vote to rename the street was unanimous.The trademark lightning bolt or slash ("/") used to separate the AC and the DC in the band's name contravened the naming policy of the Office of the Registrar of Geographic Names, so the punctuation was omitted on the street sign.The lanes and arcades of Melbourne, Australia, have collectively become culturally important.

The Melbourne central business district's numerous lanes mostly date to the Victorian era and as a result of the original Hoddle Grid, they evolved as service laneways for horses and carts.

Melbourne's Lord Mayor John So launched ACDC Lane with the words, "As the song says, there is a highway to hell, but this is a laneway to heaven.