Observablearray not updating

07-Mar-2015 00:54

Otherwise, I am telling knockout to track every single object and every single field in them, which is hardly what I want.

Now, I finally got it working but the way I do suggests that there is a cleaner way to do it.

I simply want to re-declare the array and be done with the change.

I found out that, the items in the observable array are somehow tracked and not updated when you re-declare the array with them.

For example the code I gave in the question would not work.

In my case, every now and then an update occurs from the server and that changes only a single field in a single address field.

On another perspective the way I suggest should work.

observablearray not updating-20

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I simply update the whole array at once, not every element individually.

It's the exactly the same logic with: Thats why I dont need my objects as observables.

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