Officers dating officers

23-Mar-2016 21:56

“Yeah, I’m angry,” Predmore, who has worked as a correction officer for 14 years, told the Daily News. Predmore said he told the investigator he had nothing to hide, even copping to the “compromising” photos and video before revealing the security pin code to his phone. I took full responsibility,” Predmore said of bringing his phone into the prison.

He was suspended for the infraction and signed a release allowing officials to look through his phone.

While Predmore said his supervisors assured him he had nothing to worry about, the next day Sawitsky began receiving text messages from colleagues about the pictures on her boyfriend’s phone. I didn’t think that could possibly happen,” Sawitsky, a 15-year veteran correction officer, told The News.

“His phone is supposedly locked up in the captain’s office.

Everyone’s talking about your pictures,’ ” said Sawitsky.

She said the shots also included ones of her nude and having sex with Predmore.

“We were told Jason’s phone is being passed around in the command center,” Sawitsky said.

But a few days later, she began to realize her darkest fears were coming to light.

A male correction officer, Sawitsky claims, gossiped to a prison nurse about seeing pictures of Sawitsky’s breasts and her in action with sex toys.

The couple said inmates at Green Haven and even correction officers at other prisons have made comments suggesting they know what’s on Predmore’s phone.

A workplace goof-up has caused a pair of lovebird state correction officers to become unwitting porn stars.

Jason Predmore is kicking himself for the brain-freeze that got his phone confiscated at work and led to his kinky candid-camera moments with Nicole Sawitsky being circulated around the Dutchess County prison where they work. ” Trouble unfolded for the lovers when Predmore accidentally left his cell phone in his coat pocket as he reported to work Sept. Like all state prisons, the Beekman facility has a policy barring staff from bringing cell phones to work, considering them contraband that can be sneaked to inmates.

Predmore, 41, and Sawitsky, 44 — who have been dating for two years — filed a notice of claim to sue the state, charging their privacy was breached. Once he noticed his phone in his pocket, Predmore tried to back pedal to his car to store it.Salacious pictures and video of them became the talk of the Green Haven Correctional Facility a day after Predmore’s cell phone was seized in a surprise inspection. That’s when an investigator from the state Department of Corrections Inspector General’s Office, who was doing a surprise check, stopped him and seized his phone.

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