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15-Nov-2015 00:30

Rare examples include contact via adds which you have posted in your own country.She is from abroad, usually very distant direction which makes it impossible to meet with you easily.I have done a research in internet and I have found an article on this matter, published in the local media website: The article details that such type of online romance scam has been performed locally by Turkish-speaking people living in the Razgrad region.Her methods to keep your “love relation” alive could include permanent Skype or video calls, introduction of her “family-members” on Skype, calling and talking with your family, etc.The reason for this article is the fact that through the last month I have been contacted by couple different men from abroad, who asked for legal help with very unusual legal issue.Their problems were identical: They described that they have had online love affairs with ladies who introduced themselves as Bulgarians.

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The media crew says they have spoken on the matter with four conned men, Turkish citizens, who told their sad stories.

You may see examples of wire money transfers made in relation to such online bride scam.

After further research I have also found precise guidelines how to recognize and avoid such online scams, for example - For sure there has been a reason for people to publish these online advices and I guess I will say nothing new.

Following the information in the above articles on one hand, and what I have been told by the men who contacted me, on another, I can conclude that this online dating scam goes the following way: 1) A woman gets in contact with you usually on a dating website.

2) Then the woman starts to communicate with you and flirt with you via long conversations in a period that sometimes take several months.She lays on circumstances that you speak the same language, that both of you share the same religion and cultural identity, etc.

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