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The pokerstars software was and always being managed by bots (software players – not real people) or by pokerstars workers/owners who playing with you on the same table sorting their own cards and taking wins.

Furthermore, their software generates "Action Flops" more often than others. These are the flops where unlikely events tend to happen in order to generate extra rake. However, when three players have an ace in their hand, you would expect the final ace to appear rarely.For instance, if you hold AK and the flop comes A22, you expect to win, right? Apparently Poker Stars' definition of rarely is "On every river". After reviewing all hands, we would expect the higher of two pocket pairs to hold up 81% of the time and tie about 0.5%.Pokerstars is rigged as hell, they know your cards, they give a tricky river and you loose with your not quite the biggest hand!On pokerstars is huge action, not as in life poker, that makes you not to fold easily and to bet highly. We throw money to them and they happy to take all as much as possible. These bastards think they are king dookie of the dunghill and it shows.

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Poker Stars is also the king of the dominated hand loss. Playing the best hand at Poker Stars is like shoving hot rocks up your ass. Again, why should they pay players to come when wants to play there anyway? May they rot in hell when their players turn on them. nothing new: Usual suckout by jokerstars: Pokerstar system: Watch these fucking flushes, how can this be random? The margin of error for win percentages is +- 1.7%.

You always hope next time will be different, but it always hurts just the same. These arrogant pricks can go stuff their WSOP champs up their asses. o_O: Here are few examples how pokerstars is owning you on the fucking river: Riverstars, what else to expect: Aces for everybody and a worst hand win by a fucking river: River, river and river...: The chances to happen the bullshit like this is ~^20, but pokerstars is not random: Really? : And again, and again, flush against full boat on riverstars: Niice riverrr, see this often on riverstars: Why not? The results: Other Findings: We became curious about what was going on so we looked closer at many of the 70/30 hands (a three-outer). Kx were within the standard deviation, as was Qx vs. We did not have enough hands of Jx and lower in 3-outer situations to analyze. Simply looking at flops shows an even distribution of aces.