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is a fully open-access peer-reviewed journal from the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr).The journal publishes high-profile articles on all aspects of the sciences and technologies supported by the IUCr describe important original research work.The source files required for an article are: a single file in Word, Open Office or La Te X format of the text, tables and figures of the article; a high-resolution graphics file (minimum 600 d.p.i.) in TIFF, Post Script, encapsulated Post Script, JPEG or PNG format for each figure and scheme; and files of any supporting information.These should be uploaded as described in the All contributions will be seen by the Main Editors before peer review.are authoritative, comprehensive and forward-looking reviews of major areas of research interest.Suggestions for suitable topics and of potential author(s) are welcomed by the Main Editors.

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Inclusion of new results, as well as a historical perspective, is appropriate.The Main Editors decide whether articles are sent for peer review, or are rejected without further review.