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01-Apr-2016 13:46

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They’re excuses are usually along the lines of “I’m stuck in a foreign city and lost my wallet”, or “I need money for government taxes”, things along these lines.

They never ask you to send them the money directly to them or there bank, always to a third party. Some people don’t scam for money either, some aim to hurt you physically and/or emotionally, by using you for personal pleasure or even stalking you.

These instances are less common, but they still happen and you never know who you might encounter.

I think that pof itself is in on some of the scams.

My mistake I made was that I didn’t look at the phone nber close enough. She starts to warm things up by sendimg naked photos of herself and usally some story of her wanting sex. But then he gives you the chance to pay for her phone the he is going to distory and the plane ticket for her to live with her grandparents. It’s a scam and be carful who you give your number to.

It seems to me that only pof itself would have that access to my account. Lol I backed off after he sent an updated photo and clearly his profile pic was years old.

Also, free sites tend to have a higher percentage of catfish.

In a scam, the person will then begin contacting you as if they were interested in meeting you and becoming acquainted with you and just when they feel that you too are close enough, they ask you to send them money using a sob story which usually involves them being stuck overseas without money because they haven’t been paid yet, or had money stolen from them.

I was contacted a few days ago by a girl who said she was interested in me, then tried to rush me into using her private email.

After I told her I’d prefer to stay texting on pof for a while, she somehow removed all trace of herself from my pof app. I had a guy come on fast, literally talking putting a ring on my finger!

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Do your homework, never give your number or email until you know something. Please someone help any information or help would be greatly appreciated I just recived a scam as a women in her 20s.This singer/songwriter has no trace of an online presence other than multiple hookup sites! She says her Internet isn’t working and would like to text with an unknown area code. I then later the next day get a phone call from “her dad” saying she is only 16 and he is going to call the cops because I sent photos.

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