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20-Dec-2015 07:55

I also believe that married individuals should not be members of online dating sites for singles, where they are posing as unmarried.In my book, The Perils of Cyber-Dating, one man was wooing women all over the country promising marriage, while he still had a wife at home. Sites such as e Harmony forbid those who are married to join their online dating site.Laws in France now state that spouses owe each other mutual respect, fidelity, and help.Yes, couples go into marriage devoted to each other with all good intentions.What about sending a text or a sext message without engaging in physical contact?The French judges ruled against the wife by stating that depression was not a good defense as to why she was communicating with men online.With over half of marriages ending in divorce, often those intentions fall by the wayside.

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Apparently during the course of the French couple's marriage, the wife was chatting with men on a Belgium-based social network and singles site called "Netlog" and sent intimate photos to some of the men she was communicating with. In the case of this couple, "Natalie" and "Bruno," she claimed she was searching online because she was depressed.Is looking online today's digital version of going to a strip club without touching the dancer, staring at a good looking man or woman and smiling without saying hello, or scrolling through online dating profiles before you consider divorce just to see what else is out there?