Online dating the underused secrets

23-Aug-2015 19:23

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These are the people who said, “Hey, wait a minute. I’m willing to put in the work — but show me what to do! Put another way, you don’t just need more information. So why haven’t you already started a successful online business? Today, I’m going to show you just ONE part of this zig/zag process.

I want to go out with my friends and buy a round of drinks. But I’m in the enviable position of not needing to make a quick buck — which means I can take my time showing you the nuances of how powerful an online business can be I ever open a premium course.

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The problem is they’re NO DIFFERENT THAN THE 5,000 GUYS WHO’VE SAID THE SAME THING! These me-too promise to help you find “your inner self” or to “lose that stubborn weight.” Easy, fast, secure!When you’re the same as everyone else, you might as well not exist. This is where the concept of ZIGGING and ZAGGING comes in. When done correctly, you instantly stand out, selecting the right audience, while the wrong audience fades away. Remember when I used to write exclusively about “personal finance” on my site? And yet you’re wondering…how are you any different than the 5,000 other options out there?

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…She’s not a gold digger and she ain’t gon’ be with a broke ni**a! Here’s my thing, you would never catch me like that. I apologize for having to waste your time by responding to Lisa Raye’s comments.… continue reading »

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