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Rodwell tells the other user - who he believes to be a woman - he can access military flights to fly to the San Francisco area.

He suggested they meet somewhere neutral, to "get to meet and chat for a little so we gain each other's trust, we both have a lot to lose." The conversation ends with Rodwell saying he will e-mail the "woman" with his flight number.

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That e-mail was never sent and the arrangements were not followed through.Beagle states he did not receive any further communication from Rodwell between the date of the conversation on May 21, 2015 and his arrest on June 4, 2015.From the computer seized from Rodwell, police found five videos and 33 unique images depicting child pornography.All images and videos clearly depict infants, toddlers and prepubescent children in various stages of undress.

The trial earlier this year brought to light Rodwell's journey into the darkest corners of the Internet in what he said was an attempt to understand, or research into, why people hurt their own children.

During the trial, Deluzio heard how on May 21 of last year, Homeland Security special agent Scott Beagles entered an online incest chat room posing as an air force mother of a three-year-old. The conversation, which lasted about one hour, revolved around setting up a sexual encounter between Rodwell and a three-year-old child in San Francisco.