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10-Aug-2015 13:46

The man will often give in and comply to any of her requests; “take me here, buy me a drink, meet on this day” blah blah blah. This is why Cat-String Theory has become one of my favourite theories and developmental logics that I follow and practice.Cat-String Theory to me and many others, is also known as ‘deliberate withdrawal’.Remember to be Demonstrating Higher Value (DHV) when you can!She led me on and kept me at distance just where I couldn’t reach (it felt like finger tips away).

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Cat-String Theory is something you can develop over time: short or long. It will stop you from being needy to which is essential in pulling women, resulting in positive progress on your all-round game. If by text, don’t always reply nor have a straight pattern.

•Going in for a kiss, pull away, blow her a kiss or stop and say, “ you haven’t earned one yet”, I always get a humoured reaction from that and many have said, “ how do I earn it”?

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