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23-Jan-2016 18:32

They might feel very intimidated and agree to settle and actually, this is what people who pull this rinky dinky BS rely on.

have to have done anything wrong in order to be mistreated by another person but many people make the assumption that if they’re being treated badly it’s because they’ve invited it in some way.

He stopped sleeping due to mounting concerns that he was going to be landed with a whopping bill and yet at the same time, he he hadn’t done anything wrong and yet at the same time, he kept doubting himself.

Due to the work I do here at Baggage Reclaim and the various situations that people share with me, I’m all too aware that not only do people do outrageous stuff and basically wing it due to what can be their delusions of grandeur and believing that they’re outwitting everyone (or just simply not wanting to admit they’ve made a mistake), but that every day, people judge the going to court that this in itself must mean that there’s a legitimate case.

It’s the assumption that evidence exists due to cause stemming from ‘fault’, when actually, the evidence of their behaviour is the evidence of their And then a bit of digging revealed that of course a person doesn’t give a monkey’s about running up court costs if they’re not paying it due to insurance.

This helped my friend sleep a bit easier but even then, right up until the moment he received notification of the judgment, he had his doubts.

He thought it would be over within a few months but it took almost a year before he won his case.

During the experience, we were all thinking the same thing even though we that he hadn’t done anything wrong – Did the fact that these people were pursuing a case against him mean that they had a case? This whole experience was very costly and greatly impacted him.

It’s why a lot of abuse goes unreported, unprosecuted and internalised as being the fault of the victim.

It’s the evidence of the other person’s behaviour that causes the doubt.

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