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((I need a dominant female or futa that can be a slime girl with tentacles and do anything she wants to me))((I'm the male in the second pic, your the girl in the first pic))i was taking a stroll behind the hotel inside the woods when a meteor crashed and I ran to see what happened, and once I got I realized it wasn't a meteor but a space ship and what I saw was something like a slime women, I accidentally fell into the pit with her as she moved back hissing and grabbed my arms and legs spreading me and ripped off my clothes so I was naked, you smirking and rubbed your tentacles against my tailhole and something that looked like it would suction my cock as one tentacle was trying to push into my mouth as I kept my lips sealed tight then you got angry putting a collar on me making me your slave then you...Chat-Only Sex RP! But unlike other RP communities, no roleplays will actually take place here. Posts that don't belong here at all will be deleted.

Instead, this is a place to arrange for RPs that you play in chat.

I especially want to know if anything happens in this early period.

But please respect them.Name: Shade Age:17 Species: human Gender: Male completely Sexuality: I'm straight Turn offs : rape, bondage, sadism, masochism, foot jobs and completely dominate women Turn ons: anything else goesextra info: I'm still new to this so don't expect muchI am an Nintendo nerd and I have fallen madly in love with Nintendo ever since childhood.

That was you two, such as Lucina and Shantae, come out of your games and sat on my bed waiting for me as you two called my name. "You two tell me it wasn't important as you then.....(Need two girls, so girls only)(Have fun! We don't really want to be connected to these profiles IRL.

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To those of you who applied and did not get promoted, thank you for your interest; it was a tough decision, but know that I'll look to you first if I think I need more. I can't stop Google from removing them or even penalizing you.

Don't use sexually explicit pictures (you can usually get away with exposed boobs, but don't go too far). Comment or send me an invite if you want to hangout.anyone want to do a gender bendinging forced lesbian rp with me.