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01-Jun-2015 16:06

It was common to ‘use up’ 6G6A charts, as an example, even if the circuit inside was a 6G6B.I have worked on many AB165 Bassman heads (and personally own one) that ‘feature’ the AA165 tube chart.Of course there are accepted mods (or ‘upgrades’) that are absolutely not going to ruin the vintage value of your Bassman head.Changing to a 3-prong AC cord is pretty much an expected upgrade or mod, as is replacing the filter capacitors.

There are a plethora of Bassman ‘heads’ out there, and just as many circuit variations.

This leads to some poor soul complaining that his Bassman doesn’t sound like the one used by his favorite guitar player. Well, by following this guide, you can decide which Bassman head is best suited to you.

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