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18-May-2015 21:28

In the wake of Microsoft's announced withdrawal of support for synchronization with Windows Live Mail 2012, I review some of the implications, including an update to my position on getting free email programs from Microsoft. I really, I really have to give it a lot of credit for essentially putting a lot of people on to the internet.

Outlook Express that came out with Windows XP was a wonderful, wonderful email program.

It was a free download and if you wanted an email program from Microsoft for free, Windows Live Mail was the thing to do.

It basically is what a lot of people have been using since Outlook Express is explicitly no longer supported.

When Windows 7 came about, not only did Outlook Express no longer work, Windows Mail didn’t come with it and in fact, no email program came with it.

Instead what they offered then was something called Windows Live Mail; something part of the, at the time, Windows Live Essentials, that again, through multiple rebrandings over time were also part of, at the time was MSN.

As you’ll notice, I published an article this week that discusses Windows Live Mail 2012’s support or the lack of support that it’s about to have for accessing email accounts and that got me to thinking some about Microsoft’s interesting history when it comes to email specifically email programs.

A lot of people actually started using email for the first time because Outlook Express was there with Windows XP.

Of course, as we know, Microsoft stopped supporting Outlook Express with Windows Vista.

They seem to be pretty limited when it comes to functionality. That’s no longer supported as soon as Vista goes out of support.

Now, when Windows 8 came out, of course, Microsoft included a mail app simply called “Mail” and indeed in Windows 10 that mail app is still there.

Whether it is the same one or a modified version I don’t know because, to be honest, neither of them feels particularly good to me.

They replaced it with something called Microsoft Mail, which never really caught in popularity.It didn’t have all of the functionality of Outlook Express. And of course, Outlook Express kind of, sort of worked – you could make Outlook Express work on Windows Vista if you needed to.

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