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It didn’t bother me to see him burst out sometimes. (She did, though the number of extra maternity days she was given for her concession is forgotten to history.) Ervin Duggan, staff assistant to the president, 1965–69: He was very much like my uncle Ed.

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And they answered to a mercurial boss as demanding as he was driven. You look like a goddamned reporter and I want you to look better, so you work hard over the weekend and next week just work like hell on these reports and be sure that every briefing you’ve got plenty of things, and then come in and insist on 10 minutes with me before each briefing so you can get what I’ve been doing that day. When Pierre Salinger, a Kennedy holdover who served as Johnson’s press secretary throughout much of the year after Kennedy’s death, suggested that Johnson fly to the 1964 Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City to announce his choice as his running mate personally, Johnson embraced the idea.

“I only think about politics eighteen hours a day,” Johnson once said, perhaps without irony. We have work to do.” And I groggily would find my way down at six o’clock in the morning. In the presence of the news media, he went on to ask Reedy, “Why don’t you have good ideas like Pierre? Nevertheless, he was capable of inspiring strong attachments even with people who knew him for what he was.

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