Over 50 and dating again

04-Mar-2016 18:36

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You don't even know the woman; you may not even like her. If you insist on giving her something, a single rose will do. Don't be too hasty to throw stones; it's not usually done maliciously.

It's subtly romantic, without the accompanying sleaze indicator. Many women just can't come to grips with aging.

If you haven't been in the dating world for two decades or more, you're in for a surprise.

So, how can you possibly find your way in today's dating world successfully?

You'll just have to wait until a face-to-face meeting to hear her lovely soprano. Women worry a great deal about their safety on dates (because there are freaks out there who look like nice guys).

That's why it's best to meet in a mutually agreed upon public place, from where she can either go home by herself (which is also acceptable these days), or allow you to accompany her (if you're lucky and/or play your cards right). It is perfectly acceptable for a woman to insist on meeting for coffee first.

If, however, all your friends hail from the age of dinosaur (such as yourself), here are some quick points to get you started.1. Don't get upset if your date is adamant about you NOT picking her up.

A lot has changed since you once-upon-a-time put on (and then took off) a wedding band. Twenty years ago, Katie Couric said the Internet was "becoming really big now" and debated what the @ sign in email addresses meant.

Don't make a big showing of handing her the rose either. If you thought your date is with a woman who is 39, but she actually looks 43, get over it!