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23-Apr-2016 11:11

You may have trouble eating and sleeping at first and accepting the finality of it all. These are all among the many natural, healthy responses to a pregnancy loss.

IN THIS ARTICLE: A miscarriage is when an embryo is expelled from the uterus before it can survive outside on its own.

Even though you never saw your baby (except, perhaps, on ultrasound), you knew that he or she was growing inside of you (and you may have even formed a bond).

You may have daydreamed about your baby and imagined yourself as a mother.

If you experience any of these symptoms, see your doctor so he can diagnose the miscarriage and help you with the next steps.

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Often, the first sign this is happening is heavy bleeding accompanied by abdominal or back pain and cramping.Depending on how far along your pregnancy was, these symptoms can last for just a few days — like a normal period — or up to three or four weeks.

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