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The following UK Prime Ministers attended university at either Oxford or Cambridge.Thus, of the 56 Prime Ministers to date, 42 studied at Oxbridge, 11 did not go to university (most recently Winston Churchill and John Major), and only 3, Earl Russell, Neville Chamberlain, and Gordon Brown, went to other universities (Edinburgh, Birmingham and Edinburgh respectively).For one thing, the style of teaching favours oral debate.Meeker students, terrifyingly brilliant in writing, could wither in the glare of a more boisterous student.Candidates only think about whether they are clever enough to get in.

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For English, I had at least five or six contact hours a week – of tuition on my own, in pairs or in small groups.If you fall behind, or go wildly off-piste, you are told about it quickly. Some of the brightest were also the most miserable. At least a few students would have been happier elsewhere.