Pa dating laws reporting liquidating distributions

22-Dec-2015 23:14

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In a divorce, spouses have a signed divorce agreement and file this along with the required divorce paperwork in the county in which they are seeking the divorce.A divorce judge is then assigned to issue a final divorce decree.If one spouse does not agree to the divorce, they must have lived separate and apart for at least two-years from the date of filing before grounds for a divorce can be established.From the time the papers are filed, you have up to two years to consent to the divorce.And so,while there is no actual deadline to respond, you do have a choice. That's why you should not delay and consult a local private divorce attorney in your county as soon as possible to assist you with your legal options for divorce.

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This means instead of hiring divorce lawyers to go to court, you both agree to draft your own terms of your marital settlement with the help of a divorce mediator. Before you actually file for divorce in PA, consider whether you are both amicable enough to mediate your divorce.

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