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And one of my favorite young women served at the Utah State Prison (she has stories! Somehow, the LDS community has the idea some missions are more prestigious than others; that kids who get called to foreign missions or at least foreign-speaking are smarter or more righteous.The truth: the Lord needs outstanding missionaries everywhere.I’ve just been called to the Detroit, Michigan mission.” She raised both hands in the air in a victory pose, “And I am SO EXCITED.I can’t wait to serve the people of Michigan and I can’t wait to testify of Jesus Christ.We need to express enthusiasm for their service, not the geography.It’s easy to see why native missionaries are necessary when you look outside of the United States.I know I’ve been called there for a reason, I know the Lord loves me and I can’t wait to tell everyone how much He loves them too.” With a fist punch, she left the podium and returned to her seat.

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And let’s be honest, the Lord also needs to sprinkle his slightly less prepared missionaries all over the world too. As members, we need to support our missionaries wherever they are called.

My sons who went to Russia and Italy said every prospective missionary dreamed of going to America.

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