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09-Dec-2014 19:28

(READ: Coco Martin: I'm going to be careful about endorsing anybody in 2016) At the press conference for the show on September 21, Susan talked about working with Coco and how much he reminds her of her late husband. (What I can say is, there are some things that are similar in the behavior of FPJ and Coco, especially when it comes to work.

Like what was mentioned before, my working relationship wih Coco is the same as during my time with FPJ.) .

Today,16 years later, a TV adaptation of the movie is airing soon, with Coco Martin as the lead, and a new character played by FPJ's wife Susan Roces.

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(READ: Coco Martin: They said I couldn't act) He also usually stars in dramatic roles, but for (Honestly, I always get nervous whenever he does those stunts because he doesn't have to, those can be done off-cam)," said Susan, who according to Coco, is like the cast's mom. Coco Martin says that he and co-star Dennis Padilla always go to Susan Roces for advice, because she's the cast's mother figure.

'LOLA.' Susan Roces says that only Coco Martin is allowed to call her 'Lola (grandma),' his term of endearment for her.

Photo by Rob Reyes/MANILA, Philippines – In 1997, the late Fernando Poe Jr starred in a movie about policeman Ador and his twin brother Cardo.

(I'm very, very proud to be a part of this cast, I'm happy with the role I have.

Photo by Rob Reyes/Coco returned Susan's sentiments, saying that not only does Susan always makes sure everyone is well-fed, but is also great with giving advice.

He and co-star Dennis Padilla always visit her tent just to talk.