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12-Feb-2015 08:25

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Organizations that have no measurable way to validate a resume can create expensive, human resource challenges when a company realizes they hired the wrong employee.

Improving’s certified consulting services challenge these traditional staffing values, proposing alternatives which virtually eliminate the associated business risk.As a result, we present our clients with solutions that provide consistency, reliability, and tangible business value.Cheap resources that are not productive will actually increase cost.Many candidates have all of the right technologies and processes listed on their resume, but when it comes down to getting things done with a high level of quality, they fall short of the mark.

With over 25 years of experience, we are experts at connecting technical professionals. We match high-quality Technology professionals with companies across the nation including many Fortune 500 companies!

Whether you are looking for the best IT talent, an experienced IT outsourcing partner, or a career in the IT industry, TEKsystems delivers. What’s more, Paladin treats each field staff employee as a valued career employee, providing excellent health benefits, life AD&D and a rich 401K matching program which creates stability and high performance for our clients..