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08-Oct-2015 18:13

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Sexual attraction requires genital arousal and the desire to have sex.

And any other specific ace/aro spectrum identities please I came across this website the FAQ's on that page were really good) And everything on there just felt so right, like they were describing me, but I'm having doubts and wondering exactly how similar descriptions/explanations for the rest of the ace/aro spectrum would fit me Sorry about asking a rather obvious question here but I'm in an almost constantly questioning state and just want some clear 'could I be...?

' examples for me to fully understand and help me figure out if I'm really demi or ace/aro or grey-a as this is becoming a big frustration for me.

' I genuinely believe that if I got close enough to someone I found aesthetically attractive and interesting I'd have the romantic and sexual feelings towards them, of course I could be completely wrong (that's always how I thought it worked anyway) Grey-A is an umbrella term for anything between having sexual attraction and not having it.

Demi is a type of Grey-A and it is far more than just having sexual attraction rarely.

My experience (or lack of I should say) would suggest ace/aro, but all the stuff about demi I read just felt so familiar, I don't know maybe i'm trying to make it fit Read the FAQ here and the one main issue I have with identifying as Ace is this 'I can't identify as asexual.What if I find the right person and start being sexual with them?