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Prevent Blisters When You Walk Because pantyhose are slippery, wearing them under your sock will help keep shoes from rubbing blisters on your feet if you have to walk any distance.Preventing blisters will help keep you free of infection as well as make you much more comfortable when traveling. You can actually get the “footie” pantyhose for this in boxes that contain several pairs. A variety of newfangled products allow you to track, analyze and compare training and racing data in ways never before possible, except maybe in a lab setting. OK, so it may be a bit weird for you guys in the crowd to buy pantyhose, but if you don’t have a gal-pal to do it for you, suck it up.There are a million sites all over the web that tell you the “normal” uses, but today we’re going to go out on a limb and discuss some unusual survival uses for pantyhose.Let me start by saying that for some of these uses, traditional, cheap pantyhose may not be tough enough to do the job, so I’d suggest picking up a few pairs of leggings, which are essentially pantyhose with a tighter weave.They’re stronger and won’t be as prone to tearing, but still have the stretchy, sieve-like properties that make pantyhose so useful.

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Pantyhose have awesome potential as a multi-purpose tool and deserve a place in your survival kit.Keep Deer Out of Your Garden Food may be scarce enough without feeding half of your garden to the local wildlife.Cheap, used pantyhose will work just fine for this task.Use Them as a Bait Net You won’t be able to catch larger fish probably, but if you stretch hose over a forked stick then skim it through the water, you may be able to catch some bait fish that you can use to catch bigger ones.

Fill up a few pantyhose sacks with some hair clippings and tie them around the perimeter of the garden. Just put a few clippings in a short length of pantyhose and tie them around.Keep Warm and Prevent Bug Bites and Chiggers Wearing a pair of pantyhose or leggings is a great way to add a layer of warmth while keeping the bugs from eating you alive. They work well to keep off leeches or other water bugs as well if you’re going to be traveling through infested waters, though those are uncommon in most of the states.