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15-Dec-2014 08:23

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Each of these instruments starts off as a completely freewheeling, let-my-instincts-rule sort of jam session.

They are ideas I’ve toyed with, or suggested to clients before—and never followed through with.

I sold that business in 1980 and moved to San Francisco to be partners in a short-lived manufacturing business called Sierra Guitars. The first California serial number was 240 and it was a solid mahogany 6 string guitar. It was one of four mahogany LP junior style neck thru.

Normally, I have a small team helping me build the Dantzig models: Tulsa, Milano, Tupelo and Rialto, but this is a different thing altogether.

I’m a lot more hands on, and honestly, it’s the closest you could get to one of my signature guitars without the signature.

As a designer, facilities and plant manager for a number of brands, I’ve overseen the production of tens of thousands of guitars.

My lean/Kaizen consulting business has seen me working in the biggest guitar factories in the US and Mexico, and I’ve toured the guitar plants of Japan, Korea and China.

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Tobias Guitars was started in Orlando, Florida in April 1977. We added Bob Mc Donald, lost Kevin to MM and added Makoto Onishi. In June of 1988 we had so many back orders that we could not accept any new orders until the January NAMM show in 1990. Tobias Guitars continued to repair instruments and build custom basses for the next several years with the help of Bob Lee and Kevin Almieda (Kevin went on to work for Music Man). in Hollywood and after a year quit the repair business.

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