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15-Aug-2016 05:12

Or so you might have thought, at least, listening to[2] the furious liberal reaction to Fallon’s willingness to treat Trump like any other late-night guest last week: kidding around with him, mussing up his combover and steering clear of anything that would convey to late-night television viewers that Trump is actually beyond the pale[3]. Beyond the pale: outside the bounds of acceptable behavior.[2] I added the word “to” because his original article omitted it. Thank God Trump is within the bounds of acceptable behavior. But the Democratic Party’s problem in the age of Trump isn’t really Jimmy Fallon. [5] [4] Ten points for using the correct “its.” [5] Targeting Bee rather than any other late night host makes the most sense because she is the first female host of a current events-based late night talk show, and whether America wants to admit it, the unconscious bias against women is incredibly rampant. Not Bee alone, of course,[6] but the entire phenomenon that she embodies: the rapid colonization of new cultural territory by an ascendant social liberalism. Women need men’s help even when they are fucking things up.But to flip from Stephen Colbert’s winsome liberalism to Seth Meyers’s class-clown liberalism to Bee’s bluestocking feminism to John Oliver’s and Trevor Noah’s lectures on American benightedness is to enter an echo chamber from which the imagination struggles to escape.[13] [13] Holy shit. Cultural arenas and institutions that were always liberal are being prodded or dragged further to the left. Journalists should strive to challenge the average reader to expand their lexicon.I can’t wait to have my own son and tell people how badly I want to bang him. And no, unconscious bias is not when a man prefers hooking up with unconscious women over conscious ones, but you have to admit, there’s something sexy about a limp-limbed woman. The culture industry has always tilted leftward, but the swing toward social liberalism among younger Americans and the simultaneous surge of activist energy on the left have created a new dynamic, in which areas once considered relatively apolitical now have (or are being pushed to have) an overtly left-wing party line.[7] [7] In my humble 31-year-old opinion, (I know I look 30, thank you), the ideas that are considered “left-wing” tend to help society progress and make us better, and then they aren’t “left-wing’ anymore, but just “the right thing.” For example, things that were once considered “left-wing” that we now accept as universal truths: slavery is wrong, gay people deserve equal rights, Nickelback sucks.

She has just as much a right as any man to have wrinkles and age naturally. — nobody’s idea of progressive forces, usually — are acting as enforcers on behalf of gay and transgender rights.[16] Jock culture remains relatively reactionary,[17] but even the N. L.[18] is having its Black Lives Matters moment, thanks to Colin Kaepernick.

Some of them have better lines than others, and some joke more or hector less. [15] I do laud Douthat for his sophisticated vocabulary. I taught high school English for six years and kids’ vocabulary these days is like, really bad.

Clinton’s Samantha Bee Problem When the histories of the Trump era are written from exile in Justin Trudeau’s Canada, they will record that it was none other than Jimmy Fallon who brought down the republic.[1] [1]However, these histories will not be accessible to Americans because Trump will have insulated Internet access and restricted the press from publishing anything negative about him.

Don’t feel bad Americans; North Koreans won’t be able to read them either.

That story is a waste of time because the answer is always going to be Beyonce.[12] Of course since Samantha Bee is a woman we have to make this about looks.