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He breaks down many preconceptions people have about courtship in a biblical sense.This is a very strong message but very important to listen to when we have almost lost all bibilcal instruction and decency in this area of courtship.The way God presented her reveals the importance and sacredness of marriage.As parents, we must be directly involved in this process.This may seem overly protective or an ancient practice, but as I stated in my sermon, the recreational dating methods are relatively new in terms of human history.The recreational dating routine became popularized sometime over the last 100 years. Recreational dating is expected on the school campuses, and if a child refuses to “date,” he or she is more often than not, .

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This past week, we concluded our preaching series on biblical courtship. As a church, we’ve traditionally overlooked our responsibility to equip families in this important role of marriage preparation.The goal was to help parents and grandparents with biblical truth and helpful resources on how to equip your children for the process of finding a spouse. It begins when the children are young – not merely a few months before they stand before a crowd of people and say the traditional “I do!