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I believe it’s an unprecedented amount for a cam show, and I have never been more proud of two girls in my life.But here’s the kicker: The same guy won both auctions—paying ,000 in all—and has never asked for his videos. As someone who has always dreamed of being financially dominated, I decided to interview Lorelei and Madelineto find out what it feels like to make ,000 for doing absolutely nothing. Lorelei Lee: Kink Bitches is mine and Madeline’s platform to sell porn in sort of a new way.The incident in question, however, involved close to 0,000, and the buyer got absolutely nothing out of it.It happened on, a website that specializes in all things fetish and regularly auctions off one-hour private cam sessions with two of its most popular and renowned doms, Maitresse Madeline and Lorelei Lee.At a recent auction, the bidding for both Madeline and Lorelei attracted a number of (I’m assuming) one-percenters, who quickly got into a bidding war, upping the cost of the cam shows by thousands at a time.When the dust had settled, both girls had earned ,000 for a one-hour show., I saw shaven Barbie doll heads up asses, stretched out pee-holes, people stomping on scrotums, tarantula-tickling, and just about anything else a person might enjoy doing to get their rocks off.

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For me it’s been 14, and Madeline has nine under her belt, which, in porn years, is about 100. I have things that I would never do, like scat, bestiality, and extreme age play—pretending to be an extremely young person. It depends on your version of sex, but no, we will never touch each other. MM: This particular gentleman is from Australia, and in the few interactions I had with him, he was kind and charming. We spread it on the ground and rolled around in it. Longer-term goals are to own a beautiful house of domination unlike anything that is available today.Were you shocked when you heard the final amount of the winning webcam bid? There’s a large audience out there for this idea of financial domination by paying a higher and higher price. In general, getting off on giving a woman large sums of money is an age-old fetish. One of the most exciting things I’ve ever done with cash was to jerk off at a bachelor party over an increasingly higher pile of cash. What are some of the more interesting and unique fetishes you've encountered?Maitresse Madeline: I’m not going to lie; it was an incredible moment. Who doesn’t like the feeling of slipping cash into a stripper’s panties? Just watching it pile up was bringing me closer to orgasm. LL: I am fascinating by people’s fetishes, no matter what they are.We both have this extensive knowledge of and interest in fetishes and BDSM, and working at Kink we have a platform with a huge audience. But the things I’m willing to do I would do in this show, with the caveat that this is a one-person show. What’s the most you’ve been paid for a scene in a porno? Are you annoyed at all the times you put in a day’s worth of work for ,000 when now you’re making K for doing nothing? Here’s the thing: I didn’t do nothing for that ,000. We put ,000 on the ground and played in it to celebrate. A place where the women are empowered to run their own business and have multiple avenues for revenue streams under one umbrella.

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So many of the things we’ve done in the past, like selling panties and doing webcam shows, we’re now doing in a more exclusive and high-end way. MM: I’m not going to presume that I know the psychology behind why this particular person decided to pay for the show and never actually request it. I also spent some money on champagne and lip gloss! I’d like to take my years of knowledge and give back and help other women create a brand for themselves and run profitable businesses.It was quite an accomplishment thinking back to my early webcamming days. Our auctions are the same idea, just on a larger scale and with a bigger payoff on both ends. Some people enjoy giving their money away to a specific person. They’re not worth anything, and they have to give everything that they have to a woman who is a goddess. There was an email exchange, and he was very respectful. It’s so thrilling to me to hear about them and experience them.

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