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25-Mar-2016 02:12

Singles may sign up for a free account and are able to... currently on average reaches 15M+ unique visitors on the website from the United States alone making it one of the most visited dating websites in the country based on reports from Compete.

According to Alexa, The Web Information Company, approximately 74% of's traffic has been from the United States followed by the United Kingdom (5%), Canada (3.9%), Japan (1.3%), Sweden (1.1%), etc.

Sorry, we cannot accept payment by mail or over the phone. Please know that we take security very seriously and have the following processes in place to protect our users: a) We don't save any credit card information on our own servers.b) All credit card information is sent using 256 bit SSL encryption.c) We have 24 hour a day server monitoring in place to detect security threats.

We make sure to use https (the lock icon will show) for the sections of our site that transmit sensitive information (e.g., passwords, account/payment information) to ensure that information is protected. If you'd like to purchase on our website and you don't have a credit card, you can create a Pay Pal account to make your payment.

Feel free to visit on Facebook via their app where you can find other singles looking for a relationship just like you!

You can also follow them on Twitter at @Match to read about success stories, have your questions answered or to share your own success story! It has not hosted or distributed malicious content in the last 90 days.- Google Safe Browsing report (as of June 29 2012).

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