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18-May-2015 14:33

Is speed-dating more or less sad than prowling a singles’ bar? Even my spell-check program doesn’t blink at ‘Craigslist’ these days, so does that imply absolute normalcy?

Call it anything, as long as you don’t call it Speed Dating.

Date Switch, which Bollinger, 30, founded with his wife, Lauren, in 2005, is only the latest company to stage “speed-dating” events for singles eager to connect as quickly as possible with a dozen, or more, prospective partners in a very finite period of time.

As per the vast majority of speed dating outfits, Date Srwitch’s events feature somewhere between 12 and 20 singles of both sexes, all of whom are willing to pay the admission ( if you reserve your space a week before the event; thereafter) in order to meet and greet 12 to 20 potential love interests.

In the game of modern romance you’ve got your agony, your ecstasy, and your first dates.

The latter of which tend to fall into a whole other category.

If guy #3, for instance, says ‘yes’ to woman #5, and she in turn says yes to guy #3, they will both be emailed one another’s digits, with an open invitation to get in touch.“I say it’s like going to two years worth of first dates in one night,” Bollinger says. Everyone’s there to meet someone, but it’s not an evening-long commitment.

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A kind of living purgatory where virtually everything takes forever and ends up amounting to, well, not much. The Atlanta-based founder of Date Switch is way too busy organizing speed dating events, for one thing.He’s also married, but let’s not get into that now, if only because we’re here to talk about Portland’s first-ever Date Switch event, scheduled to take place at 7 pm tonight (Saturday) at the Gossip Restaurant & Lounge, 11340 NE Halsey.

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