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28-Mar-2016 10:37

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New sexuality education modules are being tested in 159 schools in the Philippinesfor the 2010–2011 school year, which began June 15, 2010.The test modules will be integrated throughout core subject areas and the goal is that they may be later applied to all schools in the Philippines.

Combined with the mounting resistance and pressure from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference, this year’s test of the modules faces many challenges.

The Philippines has a well documented reputation for sex.

The Philippine pilot program is funded by the United Nations Population Fund.

Beginning in grade five and extending through grade 12, lessons will be incorporated into science, health, English, and physical education courses.

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The Catholic Bishops’ Conference is currently appealing to incoming president Benigno Aquino to dismiss Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral due to her strong support of a pending reproductive health bill in Congress that would mandate reproductive health education from grade five onward and require state hospitals to include contraceptives among essential medicines and supplies for patients.

Despite the recent implementation of sexuality education teaching modules in schools, the current government is preparing to leave office and will not oversee the program delivery or its outcomes.

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