Playstation 3 always updating

22-Oct-2015 23:36

playstation 3 always updating-40

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So I am sure that there will be a day that the console edition will have better game play ability than the pc.

As a matter of fact that is what the makers of minecraft want.

Also we will be getting the 1.9 update probably at the end of this year if not than into next year.

My advice is update your game sytem to a ps4 because the newer the version of the system the better quality of product you will get.

I checked around but nothing solid and now im seeing some post/threads flying around on console editions about this and that will be coming out for consoles soon i.e. For starters, where is the info coming from if there's no announcement or anything on when and what's coming out for console.Patches are okay, but typically they dont have new addtions other than bug fixes.