Polish dating culture

24-Feb-2016 20:19

Until the late 80s eating out in the restaurants or cafeterias was not really popular.Couples could not afford inviting a date to the restaurant.Young couples were not able nor allowed to have privacy in their homes for many reasons.In cities people usually lived in small and crowded apartments with their parents and siblings.Besides walking, couples spend their free time watching movies in cinema theatre or hiking in the countryside during weekends.The rule was that any financial charges for movie or eventual ice-cream were covered by a boyfriend.

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Boyfriends, fiancés and husbands give flowers for birthdays, Women Day (March 8th) or a Valentine Day which was introduced in Poland in the middle of 90s.

Even if you are invited for a dinner, you should bring a flower bouquet, besides a bottle of vine.

Bringing somebody home signified that the couple is becoming serious about each other.

Flowers are probably the most important symbol of love in Poland.

meant enjoying spending time together with your girlfriend or boyfriend walking on the streets or in the parks and holding hands.

These were the only private moments since young people were not watched, being among strangers on the streets in public areas.

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