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07-Dec-2014 08:54


Porn chat in telugu

i suggest to use adblock plus, i never get popups, chatboxes or other nasty stuff.i don't think we can/should ban imagevenue since most HQ pics are hosted there.I've tried ad-blocking the chat box, but it seems immune to ad-block unfortunately.So if anyone knows a way to block it, please let me know.How about this -- if you HAVE to use Image Venue, meaning it has nudity, then you can. ) It's free, and no porn pop-up ads, as far as I know...I guess a lot of sites delete lingerie pics, so you can upload those onto Image Venue as well. But anyway, yes, I agree, the pop-ups on sites like image avenue and what not, are really awful.

But if the girls are wearing clothes, please upload them to a NON porn advertising site. And do you guys know the one ad where's there's actual video/audio, that automatically starts...well, the other day, I forgotten I had my desktop speakers cranked up (and I bought powerful speakers, so I could crank my music :p) and that ad came up, and started blasting that girl Shay, talking about finding sex partners or what, glad no one else was home to hear it, that would have been very, very awkward.I think the problem about Imageshack is that we're not allowed to upload nudity pictures there...