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23-Feb-2015 15:08

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This means if I resign on the 18th October my last day at my current company should be the 18th January.I however would like my last day to be the 19th January (In this case it's a Friday so it is all cleaner).Why not approach him/her immediately and negotiate the final date rather than trying to time your notice to fit your weekly schedule 3 months from now.That seems like an unnecessarily underhanded way of going about it. Don't say "I hereby give 3 months' notice of my intention to terminate my employment", say "I hereby give notice of my intention to terminate my employment after Friday, January 19 2013." Then you have given them 3 months and a day notice.Consequently, you may be expecting a paycheck that you'll never recieve.I guess they arguably come back with, "Actually, we hereby give notice of our intention to terminate your employment on January 18," but they could arguably do that on October 18th anyway. They're creating a lot of paperwork and potentially opening themselves up for a legal battle (at least in the UK/Europe).

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It needs to be in writing as I've worked for bosses who deny that the person quitting was quitting so as to screw with them starting elsewhere.

Reason for sentence 2: I've worked for places that have "backdated" resignation letters and claimed you quit today - not in 2 weeks.

I could wait until the the 19th October to resign and all would be good.

We have a team meeting on the 18th and if I resign before it then it can be announced at the meeting and handover etc can be discussed in it.

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Given that your contract says 3 months, you are within that requirement.No one is going to worry that you've given one day more notice than you are obliged to.

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