Powershell disable automatic updating of email addresses

25-Oct-2016 22:37

Then the autodiscover application picks up the change and publish it, along with the url’s for OAB, EWS & Availability.This basically “force” the automatic propagation of settings into the profile, including the checkbox for “Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP” and filling the information for the HTTP proxy and authentication methods.he did of course wanted to keep the ability to connect using “Outlook Anywhere” if desired when configuring that manually.Because autodiscover was made to auto-configure clients that are inside & outside the corporate network disabling this feature disables the ability for external outlook clients, that not domain joined to automatically connect using “Outlook Anywhere” .

Once “Outlook Anywhere” is configured on a client access server an EXPR entry is created.If you want only specific users to be able to use Outlook Anywhere while others don’t I would advice considering the – June 29th 2013 – If you’re going to deploy Exchange 2013 anytime soon – work your way to adapt autodiscover, and bring back the EXPR value.See Exchange 2013 Outlook Anywhere Considerations for more.it does, however does not affect the configuration of a profile.

Within the exchange shell: Once this is done, recycle the application pool of Auto Discover in IIS.

This solution will keep the outlook clients from automatically propagate the settings for “Outlook Anywhere” , but retains the possibility for configuring it manually.