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30-Dec-2015 02:44

Within certain limits banks are free to charge their own fees for unpaid cheques.The law limits to €30 the fee for an unpaid cheque under €50 and a limit of €50 is set for an unpaid cheque over €50.Alternatively, the bank will return the cheque to the payee marked and, in turn, request you put sufficient funds in your account.They may also insist on the return of the cheque book until the account has been restored into credit.You may find that you are asked to provide proof of identity.It is a criminal offence in France to write a cheque without sufficient funds in your account, called .

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They may pay the cheque and allow you go to overdrawn.If there are funds in your deposit account, you may well find they will contact you about the matter to make a transfer between the accounts.

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