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26-Mar-2016 21:01

The tubby, fun-loving prince's well-documented bedroom antics may also hide a deeper and more unhealthy emotional loneliness, the critics claim.Let's be scrupulously fair to Prince Andrew: the rock singer Courtney Love may not be the most reliable of witnesses, particularly when she's got a book to promote.

Cynics moan that it requires the taxpayer to finance his leisurely lifestyle to the tune of £355,992 a year.

Noting that the Queen donates another £249,000 in pocket money to her second son each year, they raise eyebrows at the frequency with which Andrew's overseas visits coincide with sporting events, or short trips to top golf courses. In the decade since his divorce from Sarah Ferguson, prudish observers have noted that Andrew is known to have had relationships with at least 15 different women.

The press, of course, likes nothing more than to reinforce this stereotype, publishing shots of him relaxing on yet another stretch of foreign sand, preferably accompanied by a fawning selection of scantily clad, Euro-trashy females.

Even Andrew's official job, as Britain's "Special Representative for International Trade and Investment," prompts criticism.

September 12, 2016 It wasn’t that long ago that this married permanent A+ list rapper/mogul was supporting this singer with the same number of letters in her first name.One of the rules, which she still follows is she is not allowed to be seen in public with other guys.