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Then the human goes, moving one space in any valid direction (indicated by lines on the board).

This goes back and forth until either the human makes it all the way across or the zombies completely block the human. Creator Andy Gadget has uploaded all the 3D printing files, I suggest gluing magnets to the bottoms of your zombies and human and cutting metal pieces to fit into the hexagons.

You could even go one step further and make Xs and Os so you can play that on the middle part of the board. If you had a Commodore 64 The game sets up like chess, but when two rivals meet in Archon, the battle takes center stage and the victor takes the square.

Sometimes there’s even a double-kill with no victor.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the games you can make and play.

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To win the game you must either occupy 5 power points on the board, eliminate all your opponents pieces, or eliminate all but one piece that you have imprisoned.

How does a game like that make the leap from the screen to the tabletop?

This is a game that can be played between 2 people of any age. If you’re Team Zombie, you have to trap the human so they can no longer move. This game goes back a while to the French military, where it was known as Hare and Hounds. Zombies equal hounds and the human equals the hare.

Zombies go first, moving one zombie one space, but only forward or sideways.

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Everyone knows about 3D printers now, and what kinds of miraculous things are being done with them. “Guy,” you ask, “how is it free if I have to buy a 3D printer? ” First, you can get some pretty decent 3D printers well under 00Makerspaces exist to provide a common space for members of the local maker community to work collaboratively on creative projects.What you might not know is how fun 3D printing is, and how much fun it can create for your whole family and a bunch of your friends. Kitting out your own makerspace can be done cheaply, without any compromises on equipment..