Problems updating nokia software

08-Jun-2015 21:02

Support for latest products Several bug fixes and some layout improvements We can also notice that it now tells you the software version on your devices and surprisingly it reads the OS version 8.10.14219.341 as 9651.14219 Step 1.Download and install Nokia Software Recovery Tool to your computer.If your device doesn’t have the Home key, just press the power button for 10 seconds. In 2015 Microsoft Mobile offers 4 distinct software update applications, the Microsoft Software Updater serves primarily to update their feature phones, while the Lumia Software Recovery Tool and Windows Phone Recovery Tools are applications used to update and recover Windows Phone devices, though the Lumia Software Recovery Tool also supports Symbian and other Nokia platforms, and the Nokia Care Suite enables users to install Microsoft Mobile firmware updates for Microsoft Lumia devices.If possible, make sure that your phone is fully charged. The latest version of your phone software will be installed, and your phone will restored back to the factory settings.

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All software suites except for the Windows Phone Recovery Tool were originally developed under Nokia while the Windows Phone Recovery Tool was created specifically for the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones.

If prompted, select the correct USB mode on your phone: Nokia Suite or Modem.

OR If your device has a Home key and a fixed battery which cannot be removed, press the device’s power button and Home key at the same time for about 10 seconds.

and the Nokia Software Updater's beta phase ended at 25 August 2011.

This is required for updating the software on Symbian, Nokia X2 and Nokia feature phones now.For Lumia & Windows Phone devices you now need to use Windows Phone recovery tool.