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Imagine a turbocharged workout routine that mixes cardio and strength training and has you in and out of the gym in 30 minutes. That's why we pulled together six easy steps to help you build your perfect circuit. Circuit training is simply a workout based around a set number of "stations" that you repeat until your time runs out.Plus, it's infinitely and easily customized to help you reach your goals faster. So knowing how much time you have can help you determine how many circuits you'll need to complete and how hard you'll need to work.Example: Circuit 1: Shoulder presses Circuit 2: Bent-over rows Circuit 3: Standing dumbbell curls Circuit 4: Triceps dips Circuit 5: Pushups Circuit 6: Russian ab twists Step 3: Pick a lower-body exercise.Just like you did with the upper body, choose exercises that will work each part of your lower body.Weight training is an excellent workout, but you'll really get your heartrate up by adding in some total-body movements.Example: Circuit 1: Jumping lunges Circuit 2: Mountain climbers Circuit 3: Thrusters (squat to shoulder press)Circuit 4: Cleans Circuit 5: Bench hop-overs Circuit 6: Single-arm swing Step 5: Choose a sprint for 1 minute.

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You can change up the moves each time through the circuit or keep them the same.Example: Circuit 1: Walking lunges Circuit 2: Sumo squats Circuit 3: Calf raises Circuit 4: Hamstring curls on a Swiss ball Circuit 5: Deadlifts Circuit 6: Supermans Step 4: Pick a compound exercise.